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Email and text summaries to put your mind at rest……

Doggy Logs is an exciting new app that all Pet Partners use during dog walks, when carrying out pop in pet visits and during a home boarding stay. It uses GPS technology to track your Pet Partner’s location allowing you to see the route they have taken with your dog and the time they spent visiting your pet at your home. We hope that this provides you with peace of mind as you can be sure the service you booked has been carried out as expected. Read on to discover more about the benefits of Doggy Logs….

GPS Tracking
On every outing with your pooch, our Pet Partners will track the walk from beginning to end using the GPS on their mobile phone. You will receive a walk summary at the end of the hour, showing the route your pooch has taken. For our Doggy Day Care, Pet Boarding and Pop-In services you will receive a check in summary with a GPS location showing that the Pet Partners has visited your property.
Time Stamped
All Pet Partner check-ins and dog walks are time-stamped, so you can see when your four-legged friend started and finished their walk and how long the pop-in visit lasted. Using this technology allows Pads and Paws Pet Services to provide its clients with complete peace of mind.
Personalised Service Notes
The summary you receive will contain notes from your Pet Partner. It’s always nice to know that “Bouncer was very lively today” or that “Snowy enjoyed lots of cuddles after his dinner”.
Pet Pals
At Pads and Paws Pet Services we know that it’s always more fun to do things with your pals! The summary will let you know which pooches your dog has been running around with or which of their buddies they have spent time with at Doggy Day Care or when they have been boarding with us.
Every summary will include a picture of your pet having fun on their walk or enjoying some playtime at home. We can’t promise the pictures will be ready to hang in the National Portrait Gallery but we’re pretty sure you’ll love seeing what they have been up to!
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Walk Summary
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