Whether you need to leave your four-legged friend for an overnight business trip, a weekend break with friends or the holiday of a lifetime, treat them to a relaxing break of their own in the cosy home of one our fully licensed and insured pet boarders.

Unlike in boarding kennels or catteries, which can be lonely, noisy, uncomfortable and often stressful, your pet will receive one-to-one attention from our Pet Partner and will be treated as part of the family. All your pet’s usual routines will be maintained including walking, feeding and sleeping arrangements. This means that your beloved pet can still have cuddles on the sofa, a treat after dinner and sleep on the bed!

Pet Boarding
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Pet Boarding

You will receive a Doggy Logs summary, which includes personalised notes and photos of your pet enjoying their very own holiday safe in the knowledge that they are being looked after just as they would be at home. For extra peace of mind, all home pet boarding bookings are covered by comprehensive public liability and vet insurance. In the unlikely event that our pet partners need a helping hand, they all have access to a dedicated 24/7 emergency vet care line.

Pick up and drop off is also included in this service, for dog's a 1 hour group walk is included each day.